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    2019 COVOA Meetings

    Hello COVOA Members!


     Training for this 2020 season will be:

    Aug. 11th 6-8 pm

    Aug.18th  6-8 pm.

    Aug. 22nd. 9-3 pm.



    Regular Meeting Schedule – Sunday nights – time TBD – St. Thomas Catholic Church


     Aug. 30th., Sept. 13th., Sept. 27th., Oct. 4th., Oct. 18th., Nov. 1st.



    Again, we cannot stress enough how important our Training meetings are.  




    All the best,


    COVOA Executive Board



    COVOA Registration for 2020 is now open!

    Returning Officials - Log onto Reftown using your username/password, click on Public, Registration (upper left hand side), and review your personal information, make changes if necessary and be sure to click on the submit button.

    You also need to update your availability. (See Below for instructions.)

    New Officials - If you are new to the association click on Public, Registration, and follow the directions. Our commissioner will contact you and set you up on Reftown with a password.


    2020 Reftown Availability Instructions

    1.   Log on to Reftown and go to "Schedules" (top left) - "Availability".

    2.   Go to the month of AUGUST to start the process.

    a. The cross-Organization information only applies to those working with another association during the same months as volleyball. COVOA has not enabled this feature.

    b. Click Edit Availability.

    c. Choose Priority #2 for initial set-up using the fastest method.

    d. Use Priority #1 for changing specific dates within each month for more detailed requests.

    e. Time Entered: If you enter 4:00 pm you are saying you can leave your house/work at that specific time.

    f. When changing individual dates in the future you can comment in the box on the specific date.

    3.  You must click on "Submit" information before you go to a different month or the system will not accept your changes. Updates to your calendar can be made at any time by following the same process and entering a comment as to what you are changing.








    Fall Officials,

    We hope this email finds you doing well.  Our office has been in constant conversation during these unprecedented times and the information we have been gathering changes quite often.  With that being said, we have decided to delay the opening of Fall registration for officials until we have a better understanding of what the Fall sports season will look like.  We are also working with each State Rules Interpreter (SRI) to create our own sport-specific test (only 50 questions, as opposed to the 100 previously). 


    The new opening date for Fall Officials’ registration will be Monday, July 13, 2020.


    For now, the only date we are adjusting is the registration opening.  All other dates, including the Commissioners’ Rules Clinics (Volleyball on August 3; Football & Soccer on August 7), will stay the same.


    We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we get everything in place for the Fall season.


    Take care and be well,


    OSAA Staff





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    2019 COVOA BOARD

    President- Russ Luloff

    Vice President- Cherie Hodges

    Secretary- Krystal McCutcheon

    Trainer/Rules Interpreter - Gail Dubisar

    Treasurer- Margaret Sturza

    Commissioner- Russ Luloff

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