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Welcome to the GPVOA Home Page
(for all Greater Portland Area Volleyball Officials)

Registration for 2018 will open in April!
See you next year!!!

Congratulations to Officials Representing the GPVOA at State 2017:
5A/6A - Alicia Provost, Amy Contreras, Jen L'Amoreaux, Lizann Schultz

3A/4A - Mike Lehman, Tracy Schofield


2017 Marigold Award Winners
Be on the lookout for someone YOU can nominate in 2018!

Meeting #2 - Paula Martin
Meeting #3 - Tami Johnson & Jennifer L'Amoreaux
Meeting #4 - Jeff Hanson

Meeting #5 - Joy Kolesnikoff
Meeting #6 - Amy Contreras & Brenda Skinner

Congratulations to Emmerson Smith from LaSalle High School
the 2016-2017 GPVOA Scholarship Winner!!!


To access training video please click on this link:  ZOOOM Login

Officials/Schools - If you have financial questions
please contact Jim Arnold.
  His information is below.  Thank you.


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GPVOA Contact List

Please use the contact information below for help on any of the items listed. Phone numbers are available on the Board page of RefTown

All Financial Questions & Registrations Questions

            Contact Jim Arnold, GPVOA Treasurer

 Excused Absence Requests & Attendance Information

            Contact Lee Merrick , GPVOA Secretary

            *Put “Excused Absence” in Subject Line

 Test, Rules & Practicum Questions

            Contact Alicia Provost, GPVOA Trainer

 RefTown Issues, Miscellaneous Questions, Suggestions & Comments


                        Robert Wise (Mentor Questions)

                        Lizann Schultz 

                        Sorin Oancea


                        Jeff Hanson

 Scheduling Questions, Evaluation Requests & Match/School Issues

Contact Debi Hanson, Commissioner

If the board cannot answer your question they will forward your request to the Commissioner.





  1. Our organization is known as the Greater Portland Volleyball Officials Association (GPVOA) and was established in the early 1970's. The GPVOA is a certified association by the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA). This affiliation allows the members of the association to work high school volleyball matches and provides and affiliation with the "National Federation of State High School Associations" (NFHS).

  2. We provide officials for 74 high schools, 35 middle schools, and line for 6 small colleges in the area. The classification of high schools are broken down as follows: 6A - 29; 5A - 14; 4A - 8; 3A - 11; 2A - 3 and 1A - 9.

  3. The Executive Board of the Association consist of eight (8) regular members who have been elected by popular vote of the membership. The office of Treasurer and the Commissioner are elected every three (3) years. The three Members-at-large are elected for a two (2) year term of office.

  4. Specific duties of each board member are defined by the Association's Constitution and By-Laws. The members-at-large are the direct representatives of all association members and any matter for board consideration should be brought through them.
    The Executive Board is responsible for a recruiting and training program for new officials and an in-service training program for experienced officials, coaches and players.

  5. Elections occur annually online and are announced at the last regular meeting in October. Anyone interested in running for one of these positions should contact the Nominating Committee.

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