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Here are the upcoming basketball tournaments. Please go and update your calendar availability should you want to officiate.


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Important Information

NW Nations 2019 Tournament Schedule

NW Nations Tournament Rules

NW Nations - Officials Registration


 West Linn Baseball Tournaments

  • May
    • 24th-25-26-27th: 10U - 11U - 12U
  • June
    • 7th-8-9th: 11U - 12U
    • 20th-21-22-23rd: 13U - 14U
    • 28th-29-30th: 10U - 12U




Situational Plays --> MLB Rule Clarification

  • Catch and Carry MLB Rule Clarification:
    • Rule 5.06(b)(3)(C) Comment: If a fielder, after having made a legal catch, should step or fall into any out-of-play area, the ball is dead and each runner shall advance one base, without liability to be put out, from his last legally touched base at the time the fielder entered such out-of-play area.

 Have FUN - Be Prompt - Manage The Game


Remember, We Are There For The Kids!



Commish Notes

  • MUST Read Umpire Guidelines (click here)
  • 1st games of the day. Be on the field @ 15 minutes prior to game time.
  • Review the tournament rules. Link to the RULES (above). Call John Teuscher if you have any questions.
  • Bring a water bottle. Nations will supply a 5-gallon container of water for the umpires.
  • No seeds on the turf fields.
  • With a blow-out game. Check with tournament director and they will determine whether or not teams could start early.
  • Don't leave until your replacements arrive.
  • Check-in & out @ the tournament tent.
  • No hanging out @ the tournament tent.

Focus On The Rules

  • Speed Up Rules Courtesy Runners for Pitchers and Catchers: Courtesy Runners for the pitcher and catcher of record is highly recommended but is not mandatory. Subs will be used first as courtesy runners. In the event a team doesn’t have a sub then the batter who recorded the last out must be used as a courtesy runner. If a player is removed from the lineup that player can be used as a courtesy runner. A player may be used as a courtesy runner only one time per inning. Courtesy Runners for an incoming pitcher and catcher is not permitted.
  • A defensive team may intentionally walk a batter by requesting the umpire to award the batter 1st base.
  • Teams must hustle on and off the field between each inning.
  • Coach and team conferences are limited to 30 sec. between innings.
  • Pitchers: 8 warm-up pitches between innings or 1 minute whichever comes 1st.
  • No infield warm up between games in tournament play.
  • The team at bat shall supply a runner to retrieve any and all foul balls; they shall immediately return them to the home plate umpire.

Safety Rules

  • While on offense, only the batter and the on-deck batter shall be outside of the dugout fence.
  • A bat boy/girl may leave the dugout to retrieve a bat after all playing action is completed provided they have a double flap helmet on while on the field.
  • All bat boys/girls must have a helmet with two ear flaps when not in the dugout.
  • While on defense, there shall be no equipment outside the dugout; this includes the on-deck circle.
  • Catchers are required to wear helmets that protect both ears and the back of the head. Either throat protector or mask protecting the throat must be worn. Skullcaps are not permitted. Catchers are also required to wear a protective cup.

John Teuscher Cell: (503) 260-4271 []

Clean & Use Pedag Shoe Polish on your Black & White Umpire Base Shoes

Clean & Polish Your Plate Umpire Shoes

Concussion Requirements: Should you officiate in another sport, email John a copy of your concussion certificate. If not then click on this NFHS Concussion LINK and take your concussion training. This is required for every sports season.
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