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 2018 JBO Rule Book

Umpire Concussion Certification

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 SUA Umpire Game-day Protocol 

  1. Accept or Decline your game at least 2 days before game day! (Having games with no response helps nobody and if you have not accepted them by this time we will take you off the game)
  2. Contact your partner 1-2 days before your game. (You can view your partner's phone # by clicking on your game # on reftown.)what kind of car do you drive? / Where do you want to meet? / what color uniform will you wear?
  3. Arrive at least 30 mins before your game- As soon as you arrive inform coaches you are on site
  4. If you are arriving less than 30 mins before game time you need to contact Mike or Ed and let us know your situation so we can inform the coaches of when they can expect you to arrive.
  5. pre game with your partner
  6. Arrive on field for plate talk 10 mins before game time

Contact us! 

Mike Grothe:

Ed Smith:


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